Hello there! Today I want to share a light-bulb-moment that I had just a few days ago. My husband and I have been having a stressful few weeks - from events at his job, to our year-long refinance ordeal - it just seems that no matter how hard we peddle, the bike's just going backwards. It's so easy to focus on the negative, and I'm the first to admit that I am definitely one of thise people that dwells on the "what if's". However, my husband and I are literally polar opposites - and one of the things I absolutely love about him is his practical, refreshing outlook on life.

To make a really long story short, my husband and I live in a second floor condo unit - we purchased it three years ago, and it's our first home together. We've renovated the entire place, and we love it, but, truth be told, our hearts have always been on Long Island, where we were born and raised. We have always planned on living in the condo for a few years before moving back to Long Island, but "a few years" turns out to be longer than we had anticipated. We were really, really, REALLY, hoping to make the move back out to Long Island next year, but when we sit back and look at the situation logically, we really should stay in the condo for at least two more years (and reap the benefits of our refi process).

My husband and I are thoroughly bummed. As much as we love our condo, we desperately miss having a yard - we feel guilty that Miss Juliet is stuck inside all day; we want to host big family barbecues; we want to go out and sit in lawn chairs; we want grass. We. Want. A. Yard. Don't get me wrong, we have a pretty big balcony/porch on our condo right now, and we even built some mega-awesome planters for our herbs & a few veggies. But still, no balcony could ever compary with a lush, green, lawn.

Last week while I was wallowing in how sad I was to have to wait another year or two for our yard, my husband was off doing his refreshingly practical thing. He went to Home Depot, got a 10" pot, a packet of grass seeds, and he decided to grow us our own lawn.

To be honest, I thought he was crazy at first. But he watered the little lawn every day, and then over the weekend those little seeds started to grow. I was completely shocked Saturday morning when I opened our curtains and saw fresh little lines of bright green grass.

We have a lawn. It might not be the lawn we wanted, but it's our lawn, and we're going to take care of it as we would any other lawn.

*light bulb moment*

Everybody knows the the way the saying goes "the grass is always greener where you water it", and for a while I thought "well what if you don't even have grass TO water?!". Silly, I know, but I bet a few of you have felt that way a few times too. Today I just want to remind you that you need to step back for a moment and water the lawn you've got, even if it's in a 10" pot on your porch in the middle of Queens, NYC. Take a look at your life and find the spot where you can fit the lawn, no matter how small, and then water, water, water it.

With that, I hope you're now feeling good & inspired for this Monday morning, and I hope you have an awesome day! I'd also like to remind any of you that are wedding vendors, that I'll be mailing out printed introduction kits, so if you'd like one, make sure you sign up here.